1. Sorry for the shortage of posts lately. Here’s a drawing i’ve made these days to keep this page alive 

  2. Finally able to upload a full body frame of my character! I was supposed to deliver this a few weeks ago, but Max and Vray have been throwing a tantrum lately, so i spent more days than i wished just correcting bugs and mistakes.

    Anyway, here it is! Fully-rigged, dynamics-friendly and rendereable. Now on to animation!

    Full-res on deviantart: http://goo.gl/zMQopQ

  3. Hey, everyone! Just for the record, i’m still alive. It’s just that i’ve been working on a lot of technical stuff lately that’s really boring to post, but i’ll come up with something nice when i have the time.

    To keep this page alive, i decided to upload some exercises i’ve been doing lately. I’m trying not to let my hand rust by doing some daily sketches. I’m doing these directly with a pen, with no previous pencil lines. This leads to a lot of errors, but it’s also a good training to try and focus on what really matters on a drawing. I’m also trying to draw a lot more with my shoulders than with my hands or elbows to loosen up my shapes. These are all pretty fast and fun to do. I don’t really try to dedicate much time on detailing them, just doing the general outlines really.

  5. Been doing some spitpaints lately. Still very green at it, but it’s good practice. Hope you guys like it.

    Also, check out my new website: www.caiobucaretchi.com

  6. Hi, guys. This is my 2014 demo reel! Hope you like it.

    I’d also like to say i’m participating on the CG Student Awards competition, so any help voting on my profile for “People’s Choice” would be much apprecciated!

    All you need to do is enter the following link and share it here on tumblr, facebook or any other of the indicated social networks.



  7. Go check out my friend Bruno Dinelli’s new comics tumblr… Now!

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  8. Hey, guys! It’s been a long time with no posts, so thanks for remaining faithful and patient =}. 

    The main character for my upcoming graduation short is finally coming to life.

    Sorry for the low-sampling. Had to keep render time low for my pc to handle. There is still a lot of stuff to be fixed, mainly add hair and eyelashes and other stuff, but hey, it’s my first test animation with him and after all the struggle in rigging i wanted to have some fun =}

    There is still some polishing going on with the rig, but as soon as i have everything set, i’ll post a rigging demo here 

  9. My friend Samuel Bohn is nailing it.

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  10. Here goes the first post of 2014. Happy new year everyone!

    These are some of the props that the main character for my upcoming short will be using. I’m still working things out so any ideas you guys would like to point out are much welcome =)